James Gillen(non-registered)
Joe, Greatly enjoy your photographs!!! Jim
Joe Dube(non-registered)
Hi Joe, googled my name and found your beautiful photographs. Better than finding a jail record. I live in MN and am 73 yrs old. My ancestors came from France to Nova Scotia, to Quebec, to Michigan, to Minnesota. We also share the name with the last American to win the Olympic weight lifting championship.
Jim Davis(non-registered)
Enjoying your work. You are a man of many talents.
Angie Bain(non-registered)
Met you at the La Casa of Mason Creek
Glenn Merrill(non-registered)
Joe, exquisite photography. Your creative talent is apparent in each setting. Of course we already knew you were multi-talented. I showed my sister Beth some of these. She said. "Is that MY Joe Cube?!
Darlene Dube(non-registered)
Hi Joe, just checking out your ever-evolving website (saved as a Favorite in my bookmarks, of course). Your photographs are clearly at the professional level.
Don Zonitch(non-registered)
Browsing for photos, Joe! We're closed!
Ken Payne Jr(non-registered)
Great Website Joe, Beautiful pictures.
Bob Christman(non-registered)
Great shots as always. Good luck to you Joe.
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